Storage Multipathing

Dynamic multipathing support is available for Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage repositories. By default, multipathing uses round robin mode load balancing, so both routes have active traffic on them during normal operation. You enable and disable storage multipathing in XenCenter via the Multipathing tab on the server’s Properties dialog.

Before you enable multipathing:

  • Verify that multiple targets are available on your storage server.
  • The server must be placed in maintenance mode. This action ensures that any running virtual machines with virtual disks in the affected storage repository are migrated before the changes are made.
  • Multipathing must be configured on each host in the pool. All cabling and, in the case of iSCSI, subnet configurations must match for the corresponding NICs on each host. (For example, all NICs must be configured to use the same subnet. For more information, see Configuring IP Addresses.)

For more in-depth multipathing information, see Multipathing.

To enable multipathing

  1. In the Resources pane, select the server and then put it into maintenance mode. There is a short delay while XenCenter migrates any active virtual machines and unplugs the existing storage. If the server is a pool master, it is disconnected and might disappear from the Resources pane temporarily while a new pool master is assigned. When the server reappears in the Resources pane with the Server maintenance mode icon, continue to the next step.

    Server maintenance mode icon - a Server icon with a blue square on top

  2. On the General tab, select Properties and then select the Multipathing tab.
  3. To enable multipathing, check the Enable multipathing on this server check box. To disable multipathing, clear the check box.
  4. Click OK to apply the new setting and close the dialog box. There is a short delay while XenCenter saves the new storage configuration.
  5. Take the server back out of maintenance mode. Select the server in the Resources pane, right-click, and select Exit Maintenance Mode.
Storage Multipathing