Working with Workload Balancing Reports

This article provides general information about Workload Balancing historical reports and an overview of where to find more information about these reports.

To generate a Workload Balancing report, you must have imported the Workload Balancing appliance and connected the pool to it.


Workload Balancing provides reporting on three types of objects: physical hosts, resource pools, and virtual machines. At a high level, Workload Balancing provides two types of reports:

  • Historical reports that display information by date
  • “Roll up” style reports

Workload Balancing provides some reports for auditing purposes, so you can determine, for example, the number of times a virtual machine moved.

Types of reports

Workload Balancing offers several different reports about the pool, hosts, and VMs. For more information, see Workload Balancing Report Glossary.

Generating reports

Workload Balancing lets you generate reports, export them as PDFs or spreadsheets, and print them out. For more information, see Generating and Managing Workload Balancing reports.