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XenMobile Apps release timeline

XenMobile Apps release in a two-week cadence. Although exact dates may change, knowing this cadence can help you plan ahead. We also want to make it easier for you to manage app deployments and updates.

About the Secure Mail phased release process

When a new version is available of Secure Mail, the release is rolled out in a phased approached as follows:

  • For iOS and Android users, Secure Mail updates are available in the App Store and Google Play store for an increasing percentage of users over the course of a week (seven days).
  • New downloads of Secure Mail for iOS get the new version within this week. New downloads of Secure Mail for Android will run the previous version for the week, until the rollout of the new release reaches 100 percent of all users.

Prerequisites for feature flag management

If an issue occurs with Secure Hub or Secure Mail in production, we can disable an affected feature within the app code. To do so, we use feature flags and a third-party service called Launch Darkly. You do not need to make any configurations to enable traffic to Launch Darkly, except when you have a firewall or proxy blocking outbound traffic. In that case, you enable traffic to Launch Darkly via specific URLs or IP addresses, depending on your policy requirements. For details about support in MDX since XenMobile Apps 10.6.15 for the exclusion of domains from tunneling, see the MDX Toolkit documentation. For a FAQ about feature flags and Launch Darkly, see this Support Knowledge Center article


Citrix ceased support of enterprise distribution for XenMobile productivity apps on December 31, 2017. For details, see the Citrix product matrix. Now, only public app store distribution is supported. The MDX Toolkit continues to support enterprise wrapping for app developers.

XenMobile Apps release timeline