Citrix ADC

Citrix ADC Release Notes

Release notes describe how the software has changed in a particular build, and the issues known to exist in the build.

The release notes document includes all or some of the following sections:

  • What’s New: The enhancements and other changes released in the build.
  • Fixed Issues: The issues that are fixed in the build.
  • Known Issues: The issues that exist in the build.
  • Points to Note: The important aspects to keep in mind while using the build.
  • Limitations: The limitations that exist in the build.


  • The [# XXXXXX] labels under the issue descriptions are internal tracking IDs used by the Citrix ADC team.
  • These release notes do not document security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

To view the release notes document for a specific build, click the corresponding link in the following table. When the release notes are updated for a build, the version number of the release notes and the publish date are also updated. The release notes publish date might not be the same as the build GA date.

Release notes for Citrix ADC release 13.0 Release notes publish date Release notes version
Build 82.42 June 11, 2021 1.0
Build 79.64 April 28, 2021 2.0
Build 76.31 April 06, 2021 2.0
Build 71.44 February 19, 2021 3.0
Build 67.43 November 26, 2020 2.0
Build 64.35 January 21, 2021 4.0
Build 61.48 September 04, 2020 3.0
Build 58.32 July 07, 2020 1.0
Build 52.24 July 20, 2020 4.0
Build 47.24 April 20, 2020 2.0
Build 41.28 April 20, 2020 3.0
Citrix ADC Release Notes