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How to create a URL list policy

As a network administrator, you might want to block specific categories of websites for user access. To do so, create a URL List policy and bind the policy with a URL set imported into the appliance as a text file. The URL set is a collection of websites that you prefer to filter.

For example, you might want to restrict access to all malware websites as per organizational policies. In such a scenario, you must create a URL List policy and bind the policy to a URL set imported into the appliance.

To configure a URL list policy:

  1. Navigate to Security > SSL Forward Proxy > URL Filtering > URL Lists.
  2. In the details pane, click Add.
  3. On the URL List Policy page, specify the policy name.
  4. Select an option to either import a URL set or create a pattern set. Then perform one of the procedures that follow the last step of this procedure.
  5. Select a responder action from the drop-down list.
  6. Click Create and Close.

To import a custom URL set or third party URL set:

  1. In the URL List Policy tab page, select the Import URL Set check box and specify the following URL Set parameters.
    1. URL Set Name—Name of the URL set.
    2. URL—Web address of the location at which to access the URL Set.
    3. Overwrite—Overwrites the previously imported URL set.
    4. Delimiter—Character sequence that delimits a CSV file record.
    5. Row Separator—Row separator used in the CSV file.
    6. Interval—Interval in seconds, rounded off to the nearest 15 minutes, at which the URL set is updated.
    7. Private Set—Option to prevent exporting the URL set.
    8. Canary URL—Internal URL for testing if the content of the URL set is to be kept confidential. The maximum length of the URL is 2047 characters. For more information about Canary URL, see Configuring a Private URL Set section.

URL list basic URL set

To create a pattern set:

  1. In the Create Pattern tab page, enter a name for the pattern set.
  2. Click Insert to create a pattern.
  3. On the Configure Policy Patset to Pattern Binding page, set the following parameters.
    1. Pattern—String of characters that constitutes a pattern
    2. Charset—Character set type: ASCII or UTF_8 format
    3. Index—User-assigned index value, from 1 through 4294967290
  4. Click Insert to add the pattern set, and then click Close.

URL list pattern set

How to create a URL list policy