Dashboard overview

The Secure Private Access Troubleshooting dashboard displays the logs related to application launch, app enumeration, and their statuses.

You can view the logs for the pre-set time or for a custom timeline. You can add columns to the chart by clicking the + sign depending on what information you want to see in the dashboard. You can export the user logs into CSV format.

You can use the filters (CATEGORY and RESULT) to refine your search results.


You can also refine your search based on the following parameters along with the operators in the search field.

  • User-Name
  • Category
  • Event-Type
  • Result
  • Transaction-ID
  • Details

The following are the search operators that you can use to refine your search in the User logs and Top access policies by enforcement charts.

  • =: To search for the logs/policies that exactly match the search criteria.
  • !=: To search for the logs/policies that do not contain the specified criteria.
  • ~: To search for the logs/policies that match the search criteria partially.
  • !~: To search for the logs/policies that do not contain some of the specified criteria.

For example, you can search for an event type “DSAuth” by using the string Event-Type = DSAuth in the search field.

Similarly, to search for users that partially contain the term “operator”, use the string User-Name ~ operator. This search lists all the user names that contain the term “operator”. For example, “local operator”, “admin operator”

You can search for all logs related to a single event by using the transaction ID. The transaction ID correlates all Secure Private Access logs for an access request. One app access request can have multiple logs generated, starting from authentication, then app enumeration and then app access itself. All these events generate their own logs. Transaction ID is used to correlate all of these logs. You can filter the troubleshooting logs using the transaction ID to find all logs related to a particular app access request.

View contextual tags from logs

The Show Details link in the Details column displays the list of applications associated with the specific access policy and also the contextual tags associated with the policy.

Contextual tags

Dashboard overview