License server

A license server for the Secure Private Access plug-in is a mandatory component required to collect and process licensing data. A license server can be registered with Secure Private Access during the initial setup or it can also be configured or updated after the setup is complete. For details about registering a license server with Secure Private Access, see Integrate StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway servers and Manage settings after installation.

You must specify the license server URL to connect Secure Private Access with the license server. The Secure Private Access plug-in automatically registers itself on the license server.


  • You must install at least one Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops broker license on the license server to register the Secure Private Access plug-in on the license server.
  • License server for the Secure Private Access plug-in is supported from version 11.17.2 build 45000 and later. If you already have a license server, you must upgrade the license server to version 11.17.2 build 45000 version or later.

For more information about the licensing server, see Licensing Server.

License server

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