Install and configure

The secure Private Access installer is available as a standalone installer or as part of the integrated Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops installer. For details, see Install core components or Install using the command line.

Once the installation is complete, the first-time setup admin console opens automatically in the default browser window. You can click Continue to set up Secure Private Access. You can also see the Secure Private Access shortcut on the desktop Start menu (Citrix > Citrix Secure Private Access).

Admin account requirements to install and manage Secure Private Access

  • To install Secure Private Access, you must be logged in with a local machine administrator account.
  • To set up Secure Private Access, you must sign into the Secure Private Access admin console with a domain user which is also a local machine administrator for the machine where Secure Private Access is installed.
  • After the setup is complete, that user becomes the first Secure Private Access administrator and can then add other administrators.
  • To manage Secure Private Access after the setup, you must sign into the Secure Private Access admin console with a Secure Private Access administrator account.

Set up Secure Private Access

You can set up Secure Private Access by completing the following steps:

Configure applications and access policies

After you set up the Secure Private Access environment, you must configure applications and access policies for applications.

Install and configure