Manage settings after installation

Manage routing of application domains

You can view a list of application domains added in your Secure Private Access setup. The application domains table lists all the related domains and how the app traffic is routed (externally or internally).

  1. Click Settings > Application Domain.

  2. You can click the edit icon and change the routing type, if required.

Manage administrators

You can view the list of administrators and also add administrators from the Settings > Administrators page. The administrator who installs the Secure Private Access the first time is granted full permission. This admin can then add other administrators to the setup.

You can also add admin groups so that access is enabled for all the admins in that group.

  1. In the Administrators page, click Add.
  2. In Domain, select the domain to which this administrator must be added.
  3. In Users or user group, select the user or a group to which this user belongs.
  4. In Admin Type, select the permission type that must be assigned to this user.

Modify integration settings

After you have set up Secure Private Access, you can modify or update the StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway entries from the Integrations tab.

  1. Click Settings > Integrations.
  2. Click the edit icon in line with the setting that you want to modify and update the entry.
  3. Click the refresh icon to ensure that the settings are valid.


If Secure Private Access is installed on a machine different that StoreFront, then download the StoreFront script and run it on the StoreFront.

Settings after installation

Manage settings after installation