Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure service document history

The following table describes important changes to the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure service product documentation. These changes are in addition to the What’s new items. The table also includes changes that occurred under the service’s earlier name: Citrix Managed Desktops.

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Date Change Description
23 Sep 2021 Updated article Added link to preview API content.
01 Sep 2021 Updated article Added support for Windows Server 2022.
11 Aug 2021 Updated article Added instructions for changing root password in image created from Ubuntu prepared image.
28 Jul 2021 Limit change Increased limit of VDAs per subscription.
16 Jun 2021 Name change Changed Windows Virtual Desktop to Azure Virtual Desktop.
04 Jun 2021 Limit change Increased limits of concurrent end users and session launches per minute..
02 Mar 2021 Catalogs in network with proxy How to create a catalog in a network that uses a proxy server.
13 Jan 2021 Consumption usage preview Preview support for viewing consumption commitment usage.
23 Oct 2020 Shadowing support You can now use the Monitor shadow feature to view or work on a user’s VM or session.
21 Oct 2020 Force restart machine If a restart action on a machine is unsuccessful, you can select a force restart.
21 Oct 2020 Enhanced catalog creation option Catalog creation option to use your Windows Virtual Desktop eligible license or Azure Hybrid Benefit.
21 Oct 2020 End of Remote PC Access preview Production support for Remote PC Access.
23 Sep 2020 Expanded image details Image details are reorganized and enhanced.
23 Sep 2020 Route propagation Can enable virtual network gateway route propagation when creating an Azure VNet peering connection.
17 Sep 2020 Upgrade procedure Added guidance for moving from Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials or Citrix Virtual Desktops Essentials to this service.
16 Sep 2020 New service name Citrix Managed Desktops becomes Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure.
31 Aug 2020 New Citrix prepared image A Citrix prepared Windows Server 2019 image is now available.
13 Aug 2020 Remote PC Access preview Preview support for Remote PC Access.
24 Jul 2020 Number of sessions per machine Can change number of sessions per multi-session machine.
09 Jul 2020 Enhanced resource location action When using a customer-managed Azure subscription, can choose machine performance and Azure resource group when adding Cloud Connectors in a resource location.
22 Jun 2020 Naming scheme for catalog machines Optionally specify machine naming scheme when creating catalogs.
22 Jun 2020 SD-WAN connections per-tenant for CSPs For CSPs, create SD-WAN connections per tenant.
22 Jun 2020 End of Linux VDA preview Production support for Linux VDAs.
17 Jun 2020 Limit change Increased limit of VDAs per subscription.
28 May 2020 Support for multiple Citrix Managed Azure subscriptions You can add a Citrix Managed Azure subscription when you need more machines than the limit per subscription.
27 May 2020 More information about DNS servers Added section about DNS servers.
23 Apr 2020 Details about adding customer-managed Azure subscription Expand section about adding a customer-managed Azure subscription when you’re not a global admin.
23 Apr 2020 Set Citrix group policy How to set up Citrix Group Policy Management and configure policy settings.
01 Apr 2020 CSP information Add article for Citrix Service Providers article.
01 Apr 2020 Limits information Add Limits article.
27 Mar 2020 Network connection requirements Add requirements for any network connection.
18 Mar 2020 Link to SD-WAN Orchestrator documentation Add link to configuration information for SD-WAN Orchestrator.
12 Mar 2020 End of SD-WAN connection preview SD-WAN connections are now in production.
05 Mar 2020 Internet connectivity requirements Add link to Internet connectivity requirements.
28 Feb 2020 Citrix license usage information View your Citrix license usage information.
21 Feb 2020 Preview for Linux VDAs When you use your own Azure subscription, you can now create catalogs containing Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu machines.
21 Feb 2020 Vertical load balacing You can now use vertical or horizontal load balancing for all of your catalogs. See Load balancing.
12 Feb 2020 New Citrix prepared image A Citrix prepared image is now available for Windows 10 Enterprise Virtual Desktop (multi-session) with Office 365 ProPlus.
11 Feb 2020 Add Azure subscriptions if not a Global Admin Can add Azure subscriptions if you’re not a Global Admin. For details, see Azure subscriptions.
08 Jan 2020 Support for custom routes in VNet peering connections Add support for custom routes in VNet peering connections. For details, see Custom routes.
08 Jan 2020 Port and rules updates Updates to Security overview to expand port and rules information.
19 Nov 2019 SD-WAN preview Add support for SD-WAN connections (preview).
25 Oct 2019 OSs and settings Additional supported operating systems, add resource location actions and settings when creating a catalog.
30 Sep 2019 Customer-managed subscriptions Add support for creating catalogs and images in customer-managed Azure subscriptions.
26 Aug 2019 Cancel monthly subscription Describe how to cancel a monthly subscription.
21 May 2019 Initial documentation release Initial product documentation release for the Citrix Managed Desktops service.
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Standard for Azure service document history