Configure network analysis

Note: The availability of this feature depends on your organization’s license and your administrator permissions.

Director integrates with Citrix ADM to provide network analysis and performance management:

  • Network analysis uses HDX Insight reports from Citrix ADM to provide an application and desktop contextual view of the network. With this feature, Director provides advanced analytics of ICA traffic in your deployment.
  • Performance management provides historical retention and trend reporting. With historical retention of data versus the real-time assessment, you can create Trend reports, including capacity and health trending.

After you enable this feature in Director, HDX Insight reports provide Director with additional information:

  • The Network tab in the Trends page shows latency and bandwidth effects for applications, desktops, and users across your entire deployment.
  • The User Details page shows latency and bandwidth information specific to a particular user session.


  • In the Trends view, HDX connection logon data is not collected for VDAs earlier than 7. For earlier VDAs, the chart data is displayed as 0.

To enable network analysis, you must install and configure Citrix ADM in Director. Director requires Citrix ADM Version 11.1 Build 49.16 or later. MAS is a virtual appliance that run on the Citrix XenServer. Using network analysis, Director communicates and gathers the information that is related to your deployment.

For more information, see the Citrix ADM documentation.

Note: Citrix NetScaler Insight Center has reached its End of Maintenance date as of 15 May 2018. See the Citrix Product Matrix. Integrate Director with Citrix ADM for network analysis. To migrate your NetScaler Insight Center to Citrix ADM, see Migrate from NetScaler Insight Center to Citrix ADM.

  1. On the server where Director is installed, locate the DirectorConfig command line tool in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Director\tools, and run it with parameter /confignetscaler from a command prompt.
  2. When prompted, enter the Citrix ADM machine name (FQDN or IP address), the user name, password, HTTPS connection type (preferred over HTTP), and choose Citrix ADM integration.
  3. To verify the changes, log off and log back on.


For security reasons, it is recommended to create a custom role for ADM integration with Director with sufficient permission to access HDX Insight only.

User Role for ADM Director Integration

For more information, see Configure access policies.

Configure network analysis

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