Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Auto client reconnect policy settings

The Auto Client Reconnect section contains policy settings for controlling the automatic reconnection of sessions.

Auto client reconnect

This setting allows or prevents automatic reconnection by the same client after a connection has been interrupted.

For Citrix Receiver for Windows 4.7 and later and Citrix Workspace app 1808 and later, auto client reconnect uses only the policy settings from Citrix Studio. Updates to these policies in Studio synchronize auto client reconnect from server to client. With older versions of Citrix Receiver for Windows, to configure auto client reconnect, use a Studio policy and change the registry or the default.ica file.

Allowing automatic client reconnect allows users to resume working where they were interrupted when a connection was broken. Automatic reconnection detects broken connections and then reconnects the users to their sessions.

If the Citrix Workspace app cookie containing the key to the session ID and credentials isn’t used, automatic reconnection might result in a new session being started. That is, instead of reconnecting to an existing session. The cookie is not used if it has expired. For example, the cookie might expire because of a delay in reconnection, or if credentials must be reentered. If users intentionally disconnect, auto client reconnect is not triggered.

A session window is grayed out when a reconnection is in progress. A countdown timer displays the time remaining before the session is reconnected. When a session times out, it is disconnected.

For application sessions, when automatic reconnect is allowed, a countdown timer appears in the notification area. This timer specifies the time remaining before the session is reconnected. Citrix Workspace app tries to reconnect to the session until there is a successful reconnection or the user cancels the reconnection attempts.

For user sessions, when automatic reconnect is allowed, Citrix Workspace app tries to reconnect to the session for a specified period, unless there’s a successful reconnection or the user cancels the reconnection attempts. By default, this period is two minutes. To change this period, edit the policy.

By default, automatic client reconnect is allowed. You can disable it by setting the policy to Prohibited.

Auto client reconnect authentication

This setting specifies whether authentication is required for automatic client reconnections.

When a user initially logs on, the credentials are encrypted, stored in memory, and a cookie is created containing the encryption key. The cookie is sent to Citrix Workspace app. When this setting is configured, cookies are not used. Instead, a dialog box is displayed to users requesting credentials when Citrix Workspace app attempts to reconnect automatically.

By default, authentication is not required.

Auto client reconnect logging

This setting enables or disables recording of auto client reconnections in the event log.

When logging is enabled, the server System Log captures information about successful and failed automatic reconnection events. A site does not provide a combined log of reconnection events for all servers.

By default, logging is disabled.

Auto client reconnect timeout

By default, auto-client reconnect timeout is set to 120 seconds, the maximum configurable value for an auto-client reconnect timeout is 300 seconds. Use this policy to set the timeout value.

Reconnect UI transparency level

This setting lets you specify the opacity level applied to the XenApp or XenDesktop session window during session reliability reconnection time.

By default, Reconnect UI transparency is set to 80%.

Auto client reconnect policy settings