Monitor and troubleshoot

Device posture event logs can be viewed at two places:

  • Citrix DaaS Monitor
  • Citrix Secure Private Access dashboard

Device posture events on Citrix DaaS Monitor

Perform the following steps to view the events logs for the Device Posture service.

  1. Copy the transaction ID of the failed or access denied session from the end user device.
  2. Sign into Citrix Cloud.
  3. On the DaaS tile, click Manage, and then click the Monitor tab. In the Monitor UI, search for the 32-digit transaction ID and click Details.

DaaS monitor

Device posture events on Secure Private Access dashboard

Perform the following steps to view the events logs for the Device Posture service.

  1. Sign into Citrix Cloud.
  2. On the Secure Private Access tile, click Manage and then click Dashboard.
  3. Click the See more link in the Diagnostic Logs chart to view the device posture event logs.


  • Admins can filter the logs based on the transaction ID in the Diagnostic logs chart. The transaction ID is also displayed to the end user whenever access is denied.
  • If there’s an error or a scan failure, the Device Posture service displays a transaction ID. This transaction ID is available in the Secure Private Access service dashboard. If the logs do not help resolve the issue, end users can share the transaction ID with Citrix Support for resolving the issue.
  • The Windows client logs can be found at:
    • %localappdata%\Citrix\EPA\dpaCitrix.txt
    • %localappdata%\Citrix\EPA\epalib.txt
  • The macOS client logs can be found at:
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix/EPAPlugin/EpaCloud.log
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Citrix/EPAPlugin/epaplugin.log

Device posture error logs

The following logs related to the Device Posture service can be viewed on the Citrix Monitor and Secure Private Access dashboard. For all these logs, it’s recommended that you contact Citrix Support for resolution.

  • Failed to read configured policies
  • Failed to evaluate endpoint scans
  • Failed to process policies/expression
  • Failed to save endpoint details
  • Failed to process scan results from endpoints
Monitor and troubleshoot