Known issues

This article contains:

  • General known issues
  • License file issues

General known issues

  • The Citrix Licensing Manager does not differentiate between users and groups. For example, you can choose to add a user but add a group instead. [LIC-438]

  • The Windows 2016 Start menu, might not list the Citrix Licensing Manager. Workaround: Use this URL to access the console:

    https://licenseservername:8083 [LIC-506]

  • When registering your License Server with Citrix Cloud, the Citrix Licensing Manager UI might stick and display a spinning wheel. To avoid this issue, before registering your License Server with Citrix Cloud, ensure that you have the Digicert Global Root CA certificates installed in the system. These certificates are updated in the Windows update. If they’re not installed, manually download and install the certificates before starting the Citrix Cloud registration. Also, ensure you verify firewall settings. For more information, see the Important note under Register and remove registration with Citrix Cloud. [LIC-1510]

  • License Servers on Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVMs) might be unable to successfully send reports to the License Usage Insights Service. [LIC-2555]

License file issues

  • The License Server ignores license files that have multiple lines referencing HOSTNAME=. Licenses in these files cannot be checked out. This issue is caused when you download licenses associated to different License Server host names in to the same license file.

    To resolve this issue, download again separate license files for each Citrix product tied to different License Server names.

  • Licenses with expiry dates incorrectly formatted as D-MMM-YYYY appear as permanent in Studio. Use the Citrix Licensing Manager to display the correct license expiration dates. [LIC-2556]