Citrix Licensing Manager

The Citrix Licensing Manager enables the following features on a License Server using a simple web interface:

  • Dashboard that displays installed, in-use, expired and available licenses, and Customer Success Services dates. (Build 27000)
  • Short code registration of the License Server to Citrix Cloud and easy removal of registration. (Build 27000)
  • Force data uploads to Citrix. (Build 26000)
  • Enhanced user/device license usage reporting (Build 26000)
  • Register your License Server with Citrix Cloud. (Builds 25000 and 26000)
  • Configure user and group accounts.
  • Simplify data export by allowing you to select all products, all license models, and all Customer Success Services (Subscription Advantage) dates.
  • Enable and disable the supplemental grace period.
  • Change these ports:
    • License Server (default 27000)
    • Vendor Daemon (default 7279)
    • Web Services for Licensing (default 8083)
  • Configure historical data retention by selecting a retention period. Default data retention is 180 days.
  • Displays the License Server version in the top bar of the screen. If you select the down arrow, the host name, Ethernet address, and IPvr address appear.
  • Simplified installation of license files on the License Server using a license access code or downloaded file.
  • Display details of licenses after they are installed.
  • Configure Citrix Customer Experience (CEIP) and Call Home at any time.
  • Retry failed and Customer Experience Improvement Program uploads.
  • Configure Customer Success Services renewal license actions. You can specify whether to check automatically or manually for renewal licenses and whether you want notification of renewal licenses or the licenses installed. For more information on configuring this feature, see Check for and install Customer Success Services renewal licenses with the Citrix Licensing Manager.
  • Store and export historical usage reports from the License Server on which the tool is installed. You can specify a date range for the historical usage data and export it to a CSV file. The CSV file provides daily usage information including the number of licenses in overdraft. For information about exporting historical usage data, see Export historical usage data by using the Citrix Licensing Manager.
  • Important notifications of license availability, expiration, and other conditions. Use the bell icon at the top of the Citrix Licensing Manager screen to display notifications.

The Citrix Licensing Manager operates automatically within the License Server for Windows.


When you start the Citrix Licensing Manager, a blank page might appear. This issue can occur if the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration is enabled and the Citrix Licensing Manager is not in the Trusted Sites. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and the Citrix Licensing Manager appears.

Citrix Licensing Manager