Linux Virtual Delivery Agent 2112

Adaptive audio

Adaptive audio is enabled by default. It supports the following Citrix Workspace app clients:

  • Citrix Workspace app for Windows – 2109 and later versions
  • Citrix Workspace app for Linux – 2109 and later versions
  • Citrix Workspace app for Mac – 2109 and later versions

Adaptive audio falls back to legacy audio when you use a client not on the list.

With adaptive audio, you don’t need to manually configure the audio quality policies on the VDA. Adaptive audio dynamically adjusts audio sampling bitrates based on network conditions to provide a premium audio experience.

The following table shows a comparison between adaptive audio and legacy audio:

Adaptive audio Legacy audio
Max. audio sample rate: 48 kHz Max. audio sample rate: 8 kHz
Stereo channel Mono channel
Adaptive audio