Linux Virtual Delivery Agent

The monitor service daemon

The monitor service daemon monitors key services by performing periodical scans. When detecting exceptions, the daemon restarts or stops service processes and cleans up process residuals for releasing resources. The detected exceptions are recorded in the /var/log/xdl/ms.log file.


The monitor service daemon starts automatically when you start the VDA.

You can configure the feature through the scanningpolicy.conf, rulesets.conf, and whitelist.conf files under /opt/Citrix/VDA/sbin with administrator privileges.

To make your changes in the scanningpolicy.conf, rulesets.conf, and whitelist.conf files take effect, run the following command to restart the monitor service daemon.

service ctxmonitorservice restart
  • scanningpolicy.conf

    This configuration file enables or disables the monitor service daemon. It sets the service detection interval and specifies whether to repair detected exceptions.

    • MonitorEnable: true/false (true by default)

    • DetectTime: 20 (unit: seconds, default value: 20, minimum value: 5)

    • AutoRepair: true/false (true by default)

    • MultBalance: false

    • ReportAlarm: false

  • rulesets.conf

    This configuration file specifies the target services to monitor. There are four monitored services by default as shown in the following screen capture.

    Four monitored services by default

    To configure each service to monitor, set the following fields.

    • MonitorUser: all

    • MonitorType: 3

    • ProcessName: <> (The process name cannot be left blank and must be exactly matched.)

    • Operation: 1/2/4/8 (1 = stop the service when exceptions are detected. 2 = kill the service when exceptions are detected. 4 = restart the service. 8 = clear the Xorg process residuals.)

    • DBRecord: false

  • whitelist.conf

    The target services specified in the rulesets.conf file must also be configured in the whitelist.conf file. The white list configuration is a secondary filter for security.

    To configure the white list, include only the process names (which must be match exactly) in the whitelist.conf file. For an example, see the following screen capture.

    A white list


Before you stop the ctxvda, ctxhdx, and ctxpolicyd services, run the service ctxmonitorservice stop command to stop the monitor service daemon. Otherwise, the monitor service daemon restarts the services you stopped.

The monitor service daemon