Known issues

Known issues in 1912 LTSR CU1

No new known issues have been observed in Cumulative Update 1.

Known issues in 1912 LTSR

The following issues are known at this release:

  • Virtual disk update schedule time cannot be applied after modifying it. It functions until you reboot the Citrix SOAP service. [PVS-4349]

  • Running Add-PvsDeviceToDomain without specifying a parameter adds all targets in every site to the computer’s container in Active Directory.

  • When importing VHDX files that you published from App Layering to the provisioned disk store, the operation may mistakenly report that you are using an invalid disk. You can eliminate this error by changing the period (.) characters in the published file name’s date and time. A valid file name contains only one period for the .VHDX file extension. [UNI-75902]