Citrix Provisioning


A site allows you to manage logical groupings of Citrix Provisioning servers, device collections, and local shared storage. A site administrator can perform any task that a device administrator or device operator within the same farm can perform.

A site administrator can also perform the following tasks:

Farm-level tasks:

Some site-level tasks include:

To create a site:

  1. Right-click on the sites folder in the farm where you want to add the new site. The Site Properties dialog appears.
  2. On the General tab, type the name and a description for the site in the appropriate text boxes.
  3. On the Security tab, click Add to add security groups that have the site administrator rights in this site. The Add Security Group dialog appears.
  4. Check the box next to each group, then click OK. Optionally, check the Domains/Group Name check box to select all groups in the list.
  5. On the Options tab, if new target devices are to be added using the Auto-Add feature, select the collection where these target devices reside. Enable this feature first in the Farm properties dialog.

To modify an existing site’s properties, right-click on the site in the Citrix Provisioning console, then select Properties. Make modifications in the Site Properties dialog. The tabs in this dialog allow you to configure a site. Site administrators can also edit the properties of a site that they administer.

The Site Properties dialog contains the following tabs.

General Tab:

  • Name: Type the name of this site in the textbox.
  • Description: Optional. Type the description of this site in the textbox.

Security Tab:

  • Add: Click Add to open the Add Security Groups dialog. Check the box next to each group to which site administrator privileges apply. To add all groups that are listed, check the Domain\Group Name check box.
  • Remove: Click Remove to remove site administrator privileges to select groups. To remove all groups that are listed, check the Domain\Group Name check box.

MAK Tab:

  • Enter the administrator credentials used for Multiple Activation Key enabled Devices: MAK administrator credentials must be entered before target devices using MAK can be activated. The user must have administrator rights on all target devices that use MAK enabled vDisks and on all provisioning servers that stream those target devices. After entering the following information, click OK:
    • User
    • Password


      If credentials have not been entered and an activation attempt is made from the Manage MAK Activations dialog, an error message displays. The MAK tab appears, allowing you to enter the credential information. After entering credentials, click OK and the Manage MAK Activations dialog reappears.

Options Tab:

  • Auto-Add: Select the collection for the new target device from the menu. Enable this feature first in the Farm properties dialog. Set the number of seconds to wait before Citrix Provisioning scans for new devices specified in the Seconds between inventory scans option. The default is 60 seconds.

vDisk Update Tab:

  • Enable automatic vDisk updates on this site: Select this check box to enable automatic vDisks updates, then select the server running the updates for this site.

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