Citrix Access Control data source

You must subscribe to Citrix Access Control service offered on Citrix Cloud. To learn how to get started with Access Control, see Access Control service.

Citrix Analytics automatically discovers the Access Control data source associated with your Citrix Cloud account. To view the data source, do one of the following:

  • Click Get Started on the Analytics Welcome page.

  • Click Settings > Data Sources > Security.

A site card for Access Control data source appears on the Data Sources page. Click Turn On Data Processing to allow Citrix Analytics to begin processing data for this data source.

Data Source page

After you have enabled data processing, the site card might display the No data received status. This happens when the events take some time to reach the event hub in Citrix Analytics. When Citrix Analytics receives the events, the status changes to Data processing on.


If the status does not change after some time, refresh the Data Sources page.

The site card displays the number of Access Control users and the received events based on the selected time period- 1 hour (1H) or 1 week (1W). Click the number of users to view the users for this data source. Click the number of received events to view the events on the corresponding self-service search page. For more information, see Self-Service search for Access Control.

Data Source page

If no events are received for the last one hour, the Data processing on status changes to No data received. Although there might be some events received for the last one week.

No data

Turn on or off data processing

To stop data processing, click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the site card and then click Turn off data processing. Citrix Analytics stops processing data for this data source.

Turn off data processing

To enable data processing again, click Turn On Data Processing.

Turn on data processing

Citrix Access Control data source