Get started with Citrix Secure Workspace Access

This page walks you through how to get started with onboarding and setting up the Citrix Secure Workspace Access service for the first time. As an admin, you must set up authentication, configure access to SaaS apps, and specify the content access settings in the Citrix Secure Workspace Access service. Once the settings are complete, the end users can access the service from the Citrix Workspace app or the workspace URL.

System requirements

Operating systems support: Citrix Workspace app is supported on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac 10.11 and above.

Browser support: Access workspaces using Internet Explorer 11, or the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Citrix Workspace support: Access workspaces using Citrix Workspace for any of the desktop platforms (Windows, Mac).

How it works

Citrix Secure Workspace Access helps IT and security admins to govern authorized end-user access to sanctioned SaaS and enterprise hosted web apps. User identities and attributes are used to determine access privileges and access control policies determine the privileges that are required to perform operations. Once a user is authenticated, access control then authorizes the appropriate level of access and allowed actions associated with that user’s credentials

Citrix Secure Workspace Access combines elements of several Citrix Cloud services to deliver an integrated experience for end users and administrators.

Functionality Service/Component providing the functionality
Consistent user interface to access apps Workspace Experience/Workspace App
SSO to SaaS and Web apps Citrix Gateway Service Standard
Web filtering and categorization Web filtering service
Enhanced security policies for SaaS Cloud app control
Secure browsing Secure Browser service
Visibility into website access and risky behavior Citrix Analytics
Get started with Citrix Secure Workspace Access