Session Recording 2112

What’s new

What’s new in 2112

This release includes the following new features and addresses an issue to improve the user experience:

Integration with Citrix Analytics for Security

You can now configure Session Recording servers to send user events to Citrix Analytics for Security, which processes those user events to provide actionable insights into user behaviors.

For more information, see Integrate with Citrix Analytics for Security.

Extended scope of event detection

We have extended the scope of event detection to monitor the following events while recording sessions:

  • App failures: including unexpected app exits and unresponsive apps.
  • User account modifications: including account creation, enablement, disablement, deletion, name changes, and password modification attempts.
  • RDP connections: RDP connections initiated from the VDA hosting the recorded session.
  • App installs and uninstalls

For more information, see Create a custom event detection policy.

Session data overlay

This release introduces a screen overlay during session playback in the web player. It is a semi-transparent overlay that you can relocate and hide. The overlay features the following data points related to the recorded session:

  • Round trip time
  • Network (send)
  • Network (receive)
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage

Session data overlay

To enable the feature, select Log performance data when creating your event detection policy. For more information, see Create a custom event detection policy and Session Recording web player.

Log performance data

What’s new