Administration console

Install the administration console


If you intend to assign resources published in Citrix StoreFront stores as application shortcuts in Workspace Environment Management from the administration console, ensure that Citrix Workspace app for Windows is installed on the administration console machine and on the agent host machine. For more information see System requirements.

Run Citrix Workspace Environment Management Console.exe on your administrator console environment.

You can choose a silent installation or upgrade of the infrastructure services. For example:

  • .\Citrix Workspace Environment Management Console.exe /quiet ConsoleLocation="C:\test\Administration Console" /log "C:\test\test.log"

  • /quiet ConsoleLocation="C:\test\Administration Console" /log "C:\test\test.log"

    • /quiet. Indicates silent mode.
    • /log. Indicates logging file location.
    • ConsoleLocation. Indicates the installation path for the administration console.

Create an infrastructure server connection

In the Start menu select Citrix>Workspace Environment Management>WEM Administration Console. By default, the administration console launches in a disconnected state.

In the ribbon, click Connect to open the New Infrastructure Server Connection window.

New Infrastructure Server Connection

Enter the following values and click Connect:

Infrastructure server name. The name of the Workspace Environment Management infrastructure server. It must resolve from the administration console environment exactly as you type it.

Administration port. The port on which the administration console connects to the infrastructure service.

The first time you connect to a new database, you see the following message because a Citrix License Server with valid licenses is not yet configured:

WEM license server warning

Configure the database with a license server

To configure the database with a license server, in the administration console ribbon, click About, then click Configure License Server and enter your Citrix License Server details. The Citrix License Server address must resolve from the administration console environment exactly as entered.

Configure License Server

Import quickstart settings

Workspace Environment Management includes XML files which you can use to pre-configure your Workspace Environment Management database so that it is proof-of-concept-ready out of the box. The XML files are provided in the folder “Configuration Templates” in the Workspace Environment Management installer package.

To import the quickstart setting files, in the Home ribbon click Restore:

Administration console ribbon

In the Restore Wizard, select Settings and click Next.

Restore wizard

In the Restore Wizard, select the folder “Configuration Templates” containing the quickstart setting files, and then select all Setting Types.

Administration console