Known issues

Workspace Environment Management 2308 contains the following known issues:

  • Certain applications of the Citrix Workspace (StoreFront) resource type, for example, SaaS applications, might fail to start on the agent machine. [WEM-26968]

  • When the WEM agent runs on Windows Server 2022, the memory usage limit you apply to specific processes might not work as expected. [WEM-28773]

  • When the WEM agent fails to retrieve the policy settings during startup, the configured SMB share settings to set up SMB connections are not immediately available. You must wait for the next connection refresh process that occurs every 15 minutes. [WEM-29142 CVADHELP-21957]

  • The Profile Management health column might show errors even when Profile Management is configured correctly. This issue occurs because the UpmConfigCheck.ps1 script, used by the WEM agent does not work as expected. This issue affects machines with Profile Management setting, Path to log file enabled, with the path containing %SystemRoot% in it. [WEM-29519]

Known issues