Scale and size considerations for deployments

Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is designed for large-scale enterprise deployments. When evaluating WEM for sizing and scalability, you need to consider database performance, Active Directory setup, firewall rules, and more.

WEM scalability is based on the number of agents and users. The more infrastructure servers available, the more agents and users WEM can support. The infrastructure servers synchronize various back-end components (SQL Server and Active Directory) with front-end components (administration console and agent).

Suppose that the machine where the infrastructure server is running uses the following specification:

  • 4 vCPUs, 8 GB RAM, and 80 GB of available disk space.

You can use the following formula to calculate the number of the infrastructure servers required for your deployment. The formula is developed based on statistics related to certain customers:

  • Number of infrastructure servers = (number of agents/1,000) + (number of users/3,000)


  • In scenarios with NTLM authentication, certain performance issues have been observed with Workspace Environment Management 2006 and earlier. Those issues have not been observed when Kerberos authentication is used.
  • No performance differences between NTLM authentication and Kerberos authentication have been observed with Workspace Environment Management 2006 and later.
  • Starting with WEM 2212, agents download configuration data only when needed. This enhancement can reduce bandwidth consumption and the load on infrastructure services by up to 50%. See What’s new. We recommend that you upgrade your agents to 2212 or later so that you can reap the benefit.
Scale and size considerations for deployments