Create notification messages

If the active recording policy specifies that users are notified when their sessions are recorded, a pop-up window appears displaying a notification message after the users type their credentials. The default notification message is "Your activity with one or more of the programs you recently started is being recorded. If you object to this condition, close the programs." The users can click OK to dismiss the window and continue their sessions.

The default notification message appears in the language of the operating system of the computers hosting the Session Recording Server.

You can create custom notifications in languages you choose; however, you can have only one notification message for each language. Your users see notification messages in the languages of their preferred local settings.

Create a new notification message

  1. Log on to the computer hosting the Session Recording Server.
  2. From the Start menu, choose Session Recording Server Properties.
  3. In Session Recording Server Properties, click the Notifications tab.
  4. Click Add.
  5. Choose the language for the message and type the new message. You can create only one message for each language.

After accepting and activating, the new message appears in the Language-specific notification messages box.

Note: The Administrator Logging feature of Session Recording allows you to log the Session Recording server policy changes. For more information, see Log administration activities.

Create notification messages