Grant access rights to users


For security reasons, grant users only the rights they need to perform specific functions, such as viewing recorded sessions.

You grant rights to Session Recording users by assigning them to roles using the Session Recording Authorization Console on the Session Recording Server. Session Recording users have three roles:

  • Player. Grants the right to view recorded XenApp sessions. There is no default membership in this role.
  • PolicyQuery. Allows the servers hosting the Session Recording Agent to request recording policy evaluations. By default, authenticated users are members of this role.
  • PolicyAdministrator. Grants the right to view, create, edit, delete, and enable recording policies. By default, administrators of the computer hosting the Session Recording Server are members of this role.

Session Recording supports users and groups defined in Active Directory.

Assign users to roles

  1. Log on to the computer hosting the Session Recording Server, as an administrator or as a member of the Policy Administrator role.
  2. Start the Session Recording Authorization Console.
  3. Select the role to which you want to assign users.
  4. From the menu bar, choose Action >Assign Windows Users and Groups.
  5. Add the users and groups.

Any changes made to the console take effect during the update that occurs once every minute.

Grant access rights to users