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Advanced Concepts

The Advanced Concepts section of the Citrix Product Documentation site provides a selection of the most technical and in-depth articles from across the Citrix teams.

We have collated knowledge base articles, white papers, engineering blogs and best practice guides spanning multiple products to help you deploy secure app and data delivery in the best possible way.

Advanced Concepts is in three main sections:

Reference Architecture. In-depth best practice documentation for creating your Citrix deployments from scratch, or to add more value to your existing infrastructure. These span multiple products, with a focus on delivering results in a step-by-step manner.

Design Guides. Articles that dig deep into the technical detail of our products, allowing you to make great design decisions during your implementation phase, or when you look to expand your Citrix solution. Look out for sizing and performance data in this section.

Implementation and Configuration Guides. Content to help configure some of the more advanced features and capabilities of the product, getting the most out of your implementation and giving your end users the best possible experience.

Advanced Concepts

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