Citrix ADC

Diameter AVP number persistence

You can use persistence based on the Attribute-Value Pair (AVP) number of a Diameter message to create persistent Diameter sessions. When the Citrix ADC appliance finds the AVP in the Diameter message, it creates a persistence session based on the value of the AVP. All subsequent messages that match the value of the AVP are directed to the previously selected server. If the value of the AVP does not match the persistence session, a new session is created for the new value.

Note: If the AVP number is not defined in Diameter base-protocol RFC 6733, and if the number is nested inside a grouped AVP, you must define a sequence of AVP numbers (maximum of 3) in parent-to-child order. For example, if the persist AVP number X is nested inside AVP Y, which is nested in Z, define the list as Z Y X.

To configure Diameter-based persistence on a virtual server by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type the following command:

set lb vserver <name> -PersistenceType <type-> persistAVPno <positive_integer>


set lb vserver diameter_vs -persistenceType DIAMETER -persistAVPno 263
Diameter AVP number persistence