Citrix Workspace Document History

The following table describes important changes to the Citrix Workspace product documentation. To receive notifications about these updates, subscribe to the RSS feed.

Date Change Description
05 Jan 2021 New section for Citrix Gateway service Added information on availability of Citrix Gateway service for Citrix Cloud Government clouds Citrix Gateway service
28 Oct 2020 Citrix Cloud Government is FedRAMP Ready Added statement saying Citrix Cloud Government is designated FedRAMP Ready by the office that provides security standards for cloud services for US government agencies: Citrix Cloud Government
01 Oct 2019 New article for Endpoint Management setup New article released for setting up the Endpoint Management service: Set up the Endpoint Management service
01 Oct 2019 New reference article for Endpoint Management New article highlighting the differences in Endpoint Management between Citrix Cloud Government and commercial Citrix Cloud: Endpoint Management service for US Government
01 Oct 2019 Update for Workspace service Added limitation for Endpoint Management in Citrix Workspace: Workspace Service for Citrix Cloud Government
01 Oct 2019 Update to connectivity requirements Added connectivity requirements for Endpoint Management: Connectivity requirements for Citrix Cloud Government
01 Oct 2019 Update to service trials article Added Endpoint Management inclusion in service trials: Service trials for Citrix Cloud Government
05 Feb 2019 Update for gateway configuration Updated configuration steps for providing internal-only and secure external access with Citrix Gateway: Create a resource location
05 Feb 2019 Update to platform limitations Added limitation for connectivity through Gateway service: Citrix Cloud Government platform
Citrix Workspace Document History