Connect Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government

By default, Citrix Cloud Government uses the Citrix Cloud Government Identity provider to manage the identity information for all users in your Citrix Cloud account. You can change this to use Active Directory (AD) instead.

Connecting your on-premises Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government involves installing Cloud Connectors in your domain. Citrix recommends installing two Cloud Connectors for high availability. For requirements and instructions, see Citrix Cloud Connector requirements.

To connect your Active Directory to Citrix Cloud

  1. From the Citrix Cloud Government menu, select Identity and Access Management.
  2. From the Authentication tab, in Active Directory, click the ellipsis menu and select Connect.
  3. Click Install Connector to download the Cloud Connector software.
  4. Launch the Cloud Connector installer and follow the installation wizard.
  5. From the Connect to Active Directory page, click Detect. After verification, Citrix Cloud displays a message that your Active Directory is connected.
  6. Click Return to Authentication. The Active Directory entry is marked Enabled on the Authentication tab.
Connect Active Directory to Citrix Cloud Government