Send messages to users

From Monitor, send a message to a user who is connected to one or more machines. For example, use this feature to send immediate notices about administrative actions such as impending desktop maintenance, machine logoffs and restarts, and profile resets.

To send a message to a user, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Monitor > Filters > Machines > All Machines.

  2. Select a machine to which you want to send a message and click Send Message.

  3. Type your message and click Send.

Send Message

Sending messages can fail if the machines are unregistered or if the sessions are faulty.

If the message is sent successfully, a confirmation message appears. If the user’s machine is connected, the message appears there.

If the message is not sent successfully, an error message appears. Troubleshoot the problem according to the error message. When you have finished, type the subject and message text again and click Try again.

If you choose to send bulk messages to all connected sessions, the progress of the operation is displayed in percentage. Once the operation is completed, the number of messages that were successfully sent and the number that have failed are displayed. Send message status is specifically helpful when you are administering large sites. It helps understand if the message needs to be resent to certain users.

Send messages to users

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