Configure App Data Protection

You can configure App Data Protection for Citrix Enterprise Browser using one of the following methods:

Using Global App Configuration service

Administrators can configure the App Data Protection using the Global App Configuration service (GACS) by doing the following steps:


  • Data encryption applies to files created before and after enabling the App Data Protection feature. However, the browser cache and network cache created before enabling App Data Protection are deleted after you enable the App Data Protection.
  • When you disable the App Data Protection feature, user data is deleted.
  1. Sign in to your Citrix Cloud account and select Workspace Configuration.

    Workspace Configuration

  2. Click App Configuration.

    App Configuration

  3. Select the relevant store from the list of available stores and then click Configure.

  4. Click Enterprise Browser.

    Enterprise Browser option in GACS

  5. Click Security and Privacy.

    Security and privacy option in GACS

  6. Click Enable Browser Cache Encryption [Preview].

  7. Select the Windows checkbox and then click the Enabled toggle button.

    Enable Browser Data Encryption option in GACS

  8. Click Publish Drafts.

  9. In the Publish Settings dialog box, click Yes.

    Publish settings in GACS

  10. After enabling the App Data Protection in the Global App Configuration service, refresh the Citrix Workspace app and then, quit and reopen Citrix Enterprise Browser for the changes to take effect.

    Click Restart device, to restart the device for App Data Protection feature to be enabled.

    Restart your machine

    For more information about refreshing the Citrix Workspace app, see the following:

Using API

The administrators can use the API to configure the App Data Protection feature. The following setting must be set as true to enable App Data Protection:

  • “name”: “enable citrix enterprise browser cache encryption”
  • “value”: “true” or “false”

Example: Following is a sample JSON file to enable App Data Protection:

  "category": "Browser",
  "userOverride": false,
  "settings": [

{       "name": "enable citrix enterprise browser cache encryption",       "value": true     }
Configure App Data Protection