Known and fixed issues

Fixed issues in version 18.12.0

  • On Samsung Knox devices enrolled for Android For Work, when the password policy is configured to expire in one or two days, the “Password Expired” message appears repeatedly. [CXM-59250]

  • You are unable to enroll OnePlus 5T devices for Android Enterprise using QR code enrollment method. [CXM-59288]

Fixed issues in version 18.11.0

Secure Hub iOS:

  • You are unable to perform single sign-on on Android devices enrolled in the Shared Device mode. The following error appears: Your corporate credentials cannot be retrieved at this time. Manual login to ShareFile is blocked due to admin policy. [CXM-58238]

  • You cannot edit Android volume levels on corporate-owned, single-use (COSU) devices. [CXM-58323]

Fixed issues in version 18.10.5

  • If you have FIPS mode enabled in XenMobile Server, after users update Secure Hub for iOS to version 18.10.5, an encryption-related error message appears when users open apps. For status updates on the resolution, see this Citrix Knowledge Center article. [CXM-56454]

Fixed issues in versions 10.8.25 to 18.10.6

  • Secure Hub versions 10.8.25 to 18.10.6 (Android) include no known issues. The following issues are fixed in Secure Hub. The list includes issues with MDX that affect Secure Hub.

Fixed issues in version 18.10.0

  • If the MVPN policy is turned off in the EMS console, Secure Hub displays a blank screen when trying to open Intune managed apps. [CXM-56033, CXM-56086, CXM-54393, CXM-54823]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.60

  • On Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 SM-T395 devices, the Full Wipe security action fails for Secure Hub for Android when admins set a Disable Factory Reset restriction in XenMobile. [CXM-54452]
  • Secure Hub for Android becomes unresponsive during enrollment of devices when the VPN policy is configured and Citrix SSO application is not installed on the device. It becomes responsive if you click the Back button or restart the app. [CXM-54627]
  • Secure Hub for Android crashes during enrollment in the Device Owner mode in an Android Enterprise environment. [CXM-55008]
  • After users enter a valid PIN for Secure Hub for iOS, Secure Hub prompts users for the PIN repeatedly. [CXM-55047]
  • Secure Hub for Android crashes during enrollment in the Profile Owner mode in an Android Enterprise environment. [CXM-55076]
  • Using Android Enterprise in Secure Hub for Android installs Google Chrome by default. [CXM-55232]
  • Upgrading Secure Hub for iOS to version 10.8.55, doesn’t allow existing or new iOS device enrollments. [CXM-55267]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.55

  • Users cannot sign on to Secure Hub to enroll in Android for Work accounts when the G Suite credentials differ from the credentials in Endpoint Management. [CXM-53956]
  • Enterprise apps may experience connectivity issues to internal resources when Preferred VPN mode is set to SecureBrowse. [CXM-52309]
  • Apps that specify or as their application class cannot connect to internal networks in the Secure Browse mode. [CXM-53126]
  • On Android devices, multiple certificates are being generated and certificates are being revoked before their expiration date. [CXM-53428]

Known issue in version 10.8.50

  • On Secure Hub for Android, users cannot add a web link shortcut. [XMHELP-952]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.35

  • On Android O, shortcuts created by policies do not appear on the device home screen. This is by design in Android O. [CXM-35460]
  • On Android, Secure Hub does not open on Samsung tablets after a period of inactivity. [CXM-50797]
  • In Secure Hub for Android, you are unable to deploy the push policy on Samsung Knox devices. [CXM-50869]
  • In Secure Hub for iOS, occasionally the following issue occurs: After users change their Active Directory password, they must keep entering their PIN in a loop. [CXM-50224]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.25

  • For third-party iOS Cordova apps wrapped with the MDX Toolkit version 10.7.20, after you enable the Obscure screen contents policy, a black screen appears on iOS devices instead of a PIN screen. [CXM-48471]
  • On Zebra T51 devices running Android 7, users cannot install the Citrix Launcher app. [CXM-50621]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.20

  • After users update their Android devices to version 8 (Oreo): They cannot install enterprise or .apk apps from the app store that you deploy from Endpoint Management. Even when they enable installation of third-party apps, the issue persists. The issue is not limited to Samsung devices. [CXM-50401]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.15

  • Secure Hub for Android crashes while fetching location details on devices running Android O. [CXM-47893]

Fixed issues in version 10.8.10

  • On Android devices, when multiple apps do not install automatically or users don’t click Install themselves, the apps keep downloading. As a result, high data usage occurs. [CXM-46404]
  • On devices running Android 7 or later: When you send a lock security action with a password to the device from XenMobile Server, the device locks. However, the device password does not change if users have an existing lock screen password. Users can use the original passcode to unlock the device.[CXM-47908]

Secure Hub for iOS update on March 19, 2018: Secure Hub version 10.8.6 for iOS is available to fix an issue with the VPP app policy. For details, see this Citrix Knowledge Center article.