Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

HDX 3D Pro policy settings

The HDX 3D Pro section contains policy settings for enabling and configuring the image quality configuration tool for users. The tool enables users to optimize the use of available bandwidth by adjusting in real time the balance between image quality and responsiveness.

Enable lossless

This setting specifies whether users can enable and disable lossless compression using the image quality configuration tool. By default, users are not given the option to enable lossless compression.

When a user enables lossless compression, the image quality is automatically set to the maximum value available in the image configuration tool. By default, either GPU or CPU-based compression can be used, according to the capabilities of the user device and the host computer.

HDX 3D Pro quality settings

This setting specifies the minimum and maximum values that define the range of image quality adjustment available to users in the image quality configuration tool.

Specify image quality values of between 0 and 100, inclusive. The maximum value must be greater than or equal to the minimum value.

HDX 3D Pro policy settings