Configure Process exclusion list

To add a process to the Process Exclusion List, do the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Citrix Cloud account and select Workspace Configuration.

    Workspace Configuration

  2. Select App Configuration > Security and Authentication > Configure > App Protection.

    App configuration

  3. Click Process Exclusion List and then select the Windows checkbox.

    Enable Process Exclusion List

  4. Click the Edit option.

    The Manage settings for Windows screen appears.

  5. Add the information about the process that you want to add to the Process Exclusion List.

    For example,

      "name": "sample_program.exe",
      "publisher": "sample_publisher1",
      "signature": "sample_thumbprint1"

    Sample for Process Exclusion List


    • The name has to be mandatorily filled. At the same time, the publisher and signature aren’t mandatory. However, It’s recommended to add publisher and signature to ensure that the correct process is added to the list.
    • Also, you can add multiple processes to the Process Exclusion List by adding multiple entries in this block.

    To get the publisher and signature information, see Get the publisher and signature information.

  6. Click Save draft and then click Publish Drafts.

  7. On the Publish Settings dialog box, click Yes.

    Publish settings

  8. Restart Citrix Workspace app.

Configure Process exclusion list

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