Data Export to Observability Platform (Preview)

Citrix Analytics for Performance is now integrated with the Splunk Observability platform. You can use the Data Export feature to export performance data and events from Citrix Analytics for Performance to Splunk.

Observability Integration

The Observability platform gives you a holistic view of the performance metrics that belong to the on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops sites and the DaaS cloud services that have been onboarded to your Citrix Analytics for Performance service. Further, you can combine and correlate performance metrics from Citrix Analytics for Performance data with data from external data sources that are connected within your Observability platform.

Data available in the Observability platform can be used to derive value through continuous monitoring. It helps get actionable business insights into the performance of your virtual apps and desktop sites. Some ways in which you can use the data in the Observability platform are as follows:

  • Create dashboards and reports in a regular cadence. These help analyze the performance of your environment over time.
  • Extract information of specific interest to your organization’s KPIs and identify bottlenecks causing poor user performance.
  • Identify machines in your sites that are underutilized and optimize consumption and usage to reduce overall costs.
  • Triage and troubleshoot specific issues that users in your infrastructure are facing during connection and in-session.
  • Easily root cause and pinpoint poor in-session experience to client-side network or end point device issues, or to issues on specific infrastructure components like the gateway or the connector.
  • Identify patterns in session failures and high session latency to see if poor experience can be localized to a location or a specific service provider.
  • Identify particular apps or processes that are causing a resource crunch.

To leverage this functionality, sign up and enroll to the Technical Preview using this form.

Integration with Observability Platform, Splunk

Currently, Citrix Analytics for Performance supports the Observability platform, Splunk. For more information on the features and usage of Splunk, see the Splunk documentation.

Splunk connects with the north-bound Kafka deployed on Citrix Analytics for Performance cloud using Kafka endpoints. Use the parameters provided by Citrix Analytics for Performance to integrate Citrix Analytics for Performance with Splunk. Using the Kafka endpoints, you can connect and pull the data into Splunk.

The following architecture diagram explains how data flows from Citrix Analytics for Performance to Splunk:

Observability Solution Architecture

Getting Started with Data Export

The Data Export feature can be accessed and configured from Citrix Analytics Service > Settings > Data Export > Performance. Data export to the Observability platform is turned on by default with the Data Export On toggle. You can toggle Data Export Off, to stop sending new data events.

Data Export is configured in the following steps. For more information, see the Splunk Integration article.

  1. Account setup - To create an account, specify a password. Once you configure your account, the Kafka details are generated. These details are used in the configuration with Splunk. Use this section to reset your password.
  2. Observability platform setup for Splunk - Install and configure Citrix Analytics Add-On for Splunk using the Kafka details generated in the previous step.
  3. Select data events for export - This section lists the data exported to the Observability platform. You can select specific events you want to export from the Sessions and Machines data sources.
Data Export to Observability Platform (Preview)