Citrix Provisioning

Running the configuration wizard silently

Silent product software installs

Target devices, Citrix Provisioning servers, and consoles can be silently installed to a default installation directory using the following command:

<Installer Name>.exe /s /v"/qn"

To set a different destination, use the following option:

<Installer Name>.exe /s /v"/qn INSTALLDIR=D:\Destination"


After performing a silent install of a Citrix Provisioning client, subsequent upgrades using the Upgrade Wizard fail because the client fails to reboot.


Run the Configuration Wizard first on any Citrix Provisioning server in the farm used to create the provisioning database and to configure the farm.

The basic steps involved in the silent configuration of servers within the farm are:

  • Create a ConfigWizard.ans file from a configured provisioning server in the farm.
  • Copy the ConfigWizard.ans file onto the other servers within the farm, and modify the IP address in the ConfigWizard.ans file to match each server in the farm.
  • Run the ConfigWizard.exe with the /a parameter.

To create the ConfigWizard.ans file

  1. Run the ConfigWizard.exe with the /s parameter on a configured server.
  2. On the Farm Configuration page, choose the Join existing farm option.
  3. Continue selecting configuration settings on the remaining wizard pages, then click Finish.
  4. Copy the resulting ConfigWizard.ans file from the Citrix Provisioning application data directory in \\ProgramData\\Citrix\\Provisioning Services.

To copy and modify the ConfigWizard.ans file

  1. For each server, copy the ConfigWizard.ans file to the Citrix Provisioning application data directory.
  2. Edit the StreamNetworkAdapterIP= so that it matches the IP of the server being configured. If there is more than one IP being used for Citrix Provisioning on the server, add a comma between each IP address.

To run the ConfigWizard.exe silently

To configure servers, run ConfigWizard.exe with the /a parameter on each server. For a list of valid ConfigWizard parameters:

  1. Run ConfigWizard.exe with the /? parameter.
  2. In the Citrix Provisioning application data directory, open the resulting ConfigWizard.out file.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the file to view all valid parameters.

To get a list of commands and their descriptions, use the / c parameter.

Running the configuration wizard silently