Citrix Provisioning

Retiring or deleting virtual disks

A virtual disk that is no longer needed can be retired by deleting it. All VHDX differencing disk files, properties files, lock files, and the difference cache are also deleted.


You cannot delete a virtual disk if one or more target devices are currently assigned to it. Unassign all target devices from the virtual disk, before attempting to delete it. When deleting a disk, a confirmation dialog appears indicating that you are removing the virtual disk reference files in addition to the assigned device.

To delete a virtual disk

  1. In the Citrix Provisioning console, expand vDisk Pool in the tree, then highlight the virtual disk that you want to delete in the details pane.
  2. Right-click on the virtual disk, then select Delete. The Delete vDisks dialog appears.
  3. To delete the virtual disk from the hard drive, select the check box for deleting the virtual disk from the hard drive option. Or, do not select the check box to delete the virtual disk from the store and database. The disk image file is permanently deleted unless a backup copy is made before deleting it from the store.
  4. Click Yes. The virtual disk is deleted.
Retiring or deleting virtual disks