Citrix Provisioning


Citrix Provisioning uses diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and managing a provisioning farm. These tools allow you to report a problem or use SQL Server Always On Tracing (AOT).

Report a problem

Use Citrix Insight Services (CIS) problem reporting to directly report problems you encounter to Citrix Support. CIS is a platform for instrumentation, telemetry, and business insight generation. For more information, see CIS Problem Reporting.


For details and the latest information about CIS and how it works, see the CIS website. Citrix account credentials are required to log in.

Always on Tracing

Citrix Provisioning Always on Tracing (AOT) functionality allows you to store AOT logs directly to disk. Use PowerShell (PoSH) on the Citrix Provisioning server to configure this functionality.

Consider the following:

  • By default, this functionality is enabled.
  • The default disk size is 500 MB.
  • AOT logs are saved in C:\ProgramData\Citrix\Provisioning Services\Log\AOT.
  • Use PoSH commands to modify or disable the feature.
  • This functionality records CPU and IOPS.


After enabling AOT, you may need to restart the telemetry service.

Saving AOT logs to disk

Use the Enable-CitrixTrace PoSH telemetry command to allow Citrix Provisioning to save trace files on disk at a given persistDirectory. The maximum size of the trace files (in bytes) stored is configured using the maxSizeBytes parameter. The sliceDurationSeconds parameter defines the duration, in seconds, of the slice/block trace.

The syntax for this command is:

    Enable-CitrixTrace -Listen


    {"enabled": true,

    "persistDirectory":"C:\\ProgramData\\Citrix\Provisioning Services\\Log\\AOT",

    "maxSizeBytes": 524288000,

    "sliceDurationSeconds": 300



For example:

C:\PS>Enable-CitrixTrace -Listen ‘{“trace” :{“enabled”: true, “persistDirectory”: “C:\\Users\\Public”,”maxSizeBytes”: 1000000, “sliceDurationSeconds”: 300}}’

Image of the PowerShell telemetry command