Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 1909 contains all fixes that were included in previously released versions 7 through 1906, plus the following new fixes:

Citrix Provisioning target device issues

  • Some target devices repeat the Citrix Provisioning reconnect login process after SQL server failover. [LD1822]

  • A provisioned target hangs with 100% CPU on XenServer during the boot process. [LD0559]

The following fixes exist for provisioned Linux target devices:

  • Linux target device cannot perform a high availability failover to a different server. [PVS-4342]

  • Linux target device with more than one assigned virtual disk fails to boot. [LD1088]

  • Creating a new virtual disk from a Linux machine using the PVS-Imager tool fails. The message The specified collection does not exist appears. [LD0808]

  • Provisioned Linux target devices lose domain trust after password expiration. [LD0637]

Citrix Provisioning server issues

  • StreamProcess.exe crashed when the database was switched from OFFLINE to ONLINE. [LD1958]

  • The Virtual Apps PVS-7.1808.2_Streaming service randomly stops. [LD0604]

  • Merging a virtual disk on Microsoft Server 2016 takes a long time when using a REFS formatted data store. [LD1783]

Other fixed issues

  • Configuration wizard fails to complete when SQL modelDB is greater than the default database. [LD1957]