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Fixed issues

Provisioning Services 7.18 contains all fixes that were included in Provisioning Services versions 7 through 7.17, plus the following new fixes:

Target Device Issues

  • Target devices might randomly stop communicating with the Provisioning Server during the initial read operation from the personal vDisk (single I/O stage). [LC8745]

  • The Boot Device Manager (BDM) might fail to update on the XenServer that is created on the slave. [LC8964]

  • The keyboard might become unresponsive in the pre-boot environment in the Provisioning Services boot menu stage. The issue occurs when you start the physical targets using the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) boot mode through the Boot Device Manager (BDM). [LC9275]

  • The Provisioning Server Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) bootstrap might not stream from the expected Provisioning Server during the boot time. [LC9284]

  • Attempts to execute the P2PVS.exe command on Japanese and Chinese versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system might fail with an Invalid argument error message. [LC9349]

  • The Provisioning Services audit trail might show an incorrect text description for some entries. The data saved in the database for the entries is correct, but the description shown in the audit trail window is incorrect. [LC9481]

Fixed issues

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