Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2012 contains fixes that were included in previously released versions 7 through 2009, plus the following new fixes:

  • You are unable to create machines using the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Setup Wizard. [CVADHELP-13752]

  • You cannot paste the properties of a target device into a provisioned device collection using the mouse. [CVADHELP-15568]

  • Target device (VDA) BNDevice.exe shows high CPU utilization days after restart. [CVADHELP-14870]

  • Failed to download tsbbdm.bin in multi-homed provisioning environment. [CVADHELP-13948]

  • VDA fails to boot when you do not specify the domain name in a BDM that uses InfoBlox DNS and DHCP. [CVADHELP-15724]

  • Running Add-PvsDeviceToDomain without a parameter adds the targets from all sites to the Computers container in Active Directory. [CVADHELP-13443]

  • UEFI network boot, using option 17 with custom ServerPort, failed to boot the target device when the Provisioning server is offline. [CVADHELP-16036]

  • You cannot apply the vDisk update schedule time after modifying it. You must reboot the Citrix Soap Service first. [PVS-4375]

  • Running Add-PvsDeviceToDomain without specifying a parameter adds all targets in every site to the computer’s container in Active Directory.

Fixed issues