Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2203 includes the following fixed issues:

  • The stream process (StreamProcess.exe) might exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-18580]

  • The stream process stalls. This issue occurs in environments where the SNMP server randomly sends a request packet, containing no data, to stream process ports. [CVADHELP-18600]

  • Adding virtual devices to an existing physical machine catalog using Citrix Provisioning Devices Export Wizard on Citrix Cloud might fail with the following error message:

    No devices found to export


  • The VHDX bitmap lookup might be incorrect and might cause differencing VHDX corruption. [CVADHELP-19217]

  • When you use SQL Server Availability Group with nodes in different subnets, Citrix Provisioning Server might fail to establish a connection with the database after you restart the server or restart Stream Service. [CVADHELP-19294]

  • When you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard to create virtual machine from Azure, the wizard fails to create the virtual machine with the following error message:

    DiskString must match one of the names of the Disks that are returned. If Disks returns 0 items, then DiskString cannot be set


  • When running the configuration wizard silently (using the /a parameter), the wizard fails to properly configure the number of days between Active Directory computer account password updates. It continues to use the default value. This issue does not occur when running the configuration wizard interactively. [PVS-9460]

  • When running the configuration wizard silently (using the /a parameter), all of the credentials necessary for Service Principal authentication are not applied, and an error results, indicating that the tenant ID was not provided. A similar problem occurs with user-assigned Managed Identity authentication, resulting in an error indicating that the client ID was not provided. Other authentication modes are not impacted. [PVS-9511]

  • When provisioning workloads with Azure Cloud utilizing Azure SQL Database or Azure SQL Managed Instance, running the configuration wizard and using the Join existing farm option may result in an issue with selecting the database you wish to join. [PVS-9498]

  • This fix adds PVSutility.dll to the PowerShell SDK installer to fix the failure in exporting devices to the Delivery Controller using the remote PowerShell SDK for the Citrix Cloud Delivery Controller if you are using Citrix Provisioning version 7.15. On Citrix Provisioning version 1912 and later, use Citrix Provisioning Devices Export Wizard to add existing devices in your Citrix Provisioning farm. [PVS-9599]

Fixed issues