Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 1903 contains all fixes that were included in previously released versions 7 through 1811, plus the following new fixes:

Citrix Provisioning console issues

  • The BNTFTP.exe process might exit unexpectedly. The issue occurs when there is a security check failure or a stack buffer overrun at BNTFTP!_invoke_watson+0x17. [LD0250]

Citrix Provisioning server issues

  • When you attempt to create a catalog that contains pooled machines, the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard might fail. The issue occurs when the Personal vDisk storage is not enabled using Studio. [LD0343]

  • When booting Windows 10 1809/Windows Server 2019 on Citrix Hypervisor or ESX using Cache on device hard disk or Cache in device RAM with overflow on hard disk, Windows displays a pagefile message or a Performance Options interface. Using these settings creates a known issue with Windows 1809.


For Windows 10 1803, this issue does not exist between versions 17134.0–17134.523. However, the issue appears when using Windows 10 1803 version 17134.556. Refer to the Microsoft site for more information. For Windows 10 1809, this issue appears between versions 17763.0–17763.253. The issue is resolved in Windows 10 1809 version 17763.292. Refer to the Microsoft site for more information.

Target device issues

  • After upgrading Provisioning Services from Version 7.6 CU2 to Version 7.15 CU2, the target device might experience a fatal exception and display a blue screen. The issue occurs due to null pointer pointing to a personality string. [LD0546]

  • The UEFI devices that are configured for BDM are unable to use a non-default custom network port range. [LD0706]


Fixed issues