Citrix Provisioning

Citrix Provisioning in Nutanix on AWS

Citrix Provisioning now supports Nutanix clusters on AWS. Nutanix Clusters on AWS offer the same functionality as Nutanix on-premises cluster.

This article describes the procedure for configuring Citrix Provisioning in Nutanix on AWS.

Create Citrix Provisioning environment

To create a Citrix Provisioning environment in Nutanix, create the following VMs, and join them to a domain in the domain controller VM:

  1. Domain controller
  2. Provisioning server
    1. Install provisioning server, console, Citrix licensing, and SQL.
    2. Install Nutanix plug-in in the VM. Select Citrix Provisioning.
  3. EFI provisioning target device
  4. UEFI target device
  5. Connector VM
    1. Install Citrix Cloud Connector
    2. Install Nutanix plug-in. Select Citrix Cloud Connector.

Install an Operating System

To install an operating system in a Nutanix VM:

  1. Create a VM with two DVD drives and a hard drive.
  2. Load the OS in the first DVD drive and Nutanix ISO in the second DVD drive.
  3. Once started in Windows ISO, start the Windows installation. At this point, Windows does not detect the Nutanix SCSI drive.
  4. Click load driver, browse to the OS, and select AMDX64 in the Nutanix ISO. Select vioscsi.inf. Windows must now detect the SCSI drive.
  5. Continue installing the OS.

Install Nutanix drivers

After the OS is installed, go to the Nutanix ISO, and install the Nutanix VirtIO to complete installing all Nutanix drivers including the NIC driver.

Set up DHCP service

  1. Once the domain is up, note the domain controller IP.
  2. Go to the Nutanix Prism and log in.
  3. In the Nutanix drop-down menu settings, under Network, select Network Configuration.
  4. Select the network your VMs are using, and click Edit.
  5. Under DHCP Settings, enter the IP address of the domain controller VM in the Domain Name Servers, and click Save.

Create host connection

The option for Nutanix in Citrix Studio when creating host connection and resources displays when all connector VMs have Nutanix plug-in installed. This is the requirement even if they are not used in the Nutanix zone.

  1. Launch the Citrix Studio.
  2. Select the hosting node, and click Add Connection and Resources.
  3. On the Connection screen, select Create a new Connection, and enter the connection address in the format address
  4. Complete the wizard.
Citrix Provisioning in Nutanix on AWS