Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2308 includes the following fixed issues:

  • While using the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard to create target VMs, it might take longer than usual to populate the list of templates. [CVADHELP-22190]
  • When a UEFI target device uses a BDM ISO with static IP assignment, the target device might be assigned two IP addresses, the static IP and the IP address from the master target. As a result, applications running on the target might crash. [CVADHELP-22862]
  • The Configuration Wizard crashes if the local administrator group is not spelled as Administrators. [CVADHELP-23213]
  • The Stream Process does not automatically recover if a Citrix Provisioning Server loses connection to network storage. As a result, you must manually restart the Stream Process. [CVADHELP-18537]
  • While trying to downgrade to an earlier Citrix Provisioning version without uninstalling the current version, the installer does not reject this action. [PVS-11294]
Fixed issues

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