Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2311 includes the following fixed issues:

  • You can have read-only access to your Citrix Provisioning deployment if you enable the feature flag ReadOnlyAdmin. [PVS-10872]

  • Sometimes the Citrix Provisioning console might crash if you assign a user to a read-only administrator role and a device operator role (for example, read-only admin for a site and device operator for a collection under this site), and then try to add or modify data in the Target Device Properties.

    To resolve this issue, do not assign a user to both read-only administrator role and device operator role. [PVS-10872]

  • The BDM update only works if the Citrix Provisioning Console is installed and run on the Citrix Provisioning Server. This issue is applicable to all the Citrix Provisioning versions that support the BDM update. [PVS-11651]

  • In Azure and GCP environments, you can’t set the authentication for the initial target device login process. [PVS-10409]

  • The Configuration Wizard crashes if the Citrix Provisioning Server has an OS language other than English. [CVADHELP-23923]

  • The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup Wizard and Streamed VM Setup Wizard fails to update the Citrix Provisioning database with the AD information being imported. [CVADHELP-23484]

Fixed issues