Citrix Provisioning

Fixed issues

Citrix Provisioning 2209 includes the following fixed issues:

  • Citrix Provisioning Stream Service might not automatically recover access to vDisk on a UNC share after the connection to the UNC share is interrupted. [CVADHELP-18537]

  • Attempt to update Boot Device Manager (BDM) on the ESX server might fail. [CVADHELP-19955]

  • After upgrading Provisioning Services to version 2203, when you create machines through the XenDesktop Setup wizard and import AD accounts, the catalogs might not contain virtual machines. [CVADHELP-20498]

  • The versioning interface might be accessible when Asynchronous I/O is selected and vDisk is in private mode instead of standard mode. [CVADHELP-20500]

  • With the Provisioning Services 2203 release, the manual rebalance logic is changed to load-based rebalance, wherein only the over-loaded targets connected to the server are forced to reconnect. [CVADHELP-20541]

  • The Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Setup wizard and target power management console fail when working with Azure. The issue occurs as Azure doesn’t support TLS1.0, which the current Provisioning Services release uses. [CVADHELP-20714]

  • When you try to delete an empty collection in Citrix Provisioning in Azure and on-premises environment, the Citrix Provisioning console displays the Azure VM deletion screen. [PVS-9746]

  • In Release 2109 and earlier, if the firewall is enabled on the OS, when you stream to Linux target devices, the UDP ports 6901-6902,6910-6930 must be opened manually on the target device. [PVS-9162]

Fixed issues

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