Citrix Analytics for Security

Microsoft Active Directory integration

Connect your Active Directory and import the user details and the user groups from your organization’s domain to Citrix Analytics for Security.

This integration enhances the user profiles in Citrix Analytics for Security with user identity details such as job title, organization, office location, email, and contact details. On the User profile page, you can view these user details, which help you during risk investigation and analysis.


Ensure that your Active Directory is first connected to your Citrix Cloud account. For more information, see Connect Active Directory to Citrix Cloud.

Connect Microsoft Active Directory

To connect your Active Directory to Citrix Analytics for Security, do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Data Sources > Security and then navigate to the EXTERNAL DATA SOURCES section.

  2. On the Active Directory site card, click the plus + sign.

    Onboarding Active Directory

  3. Citrix Analytics prompts you to connect Active Directory to your Citrix Cloud account. For more information, see Prerequisites.

After you have connected your Active Directory to your Citrix Cloud account, Citrix Analytics automatically discovers this new data source. On the Data Sources page, the Active Directory site card displays Data processing on.

AD data on

The Data processing on status indicates that the Active Directory is discovered and user information is being fetched from your Active Directory.

Microsoft Active Directory integration