Citrix Analytics for Security

Manage administrator roles for Security Analytics

As a Citrix Cloud administrator with full access permissions, you can invite other administrators to manage Security Analytics and assign them one of the following roles:

  • Full access

  • Read-only access

The full access administrator can access all the features and functionalities of the Security Analytics offering. They can use and modify the features based on their business needs. For example, a full administrator can create custom risk indicators, enable geofence, and create policies.

The read-only administrator can only view the Security dashboards- Users, User Access, App Access, Access Assurance, Reports, and Share Links. They can monitor the users’ behavior and view user events on these dashboards. They are not allowed to perform any critical tasks such as:

  • Turn on or off data processing for the data sources

  • Create or remove policies and actions

  • Apply actions manually on the risk indicators shown on the user risk timeline

  • Create, modify, or delete custom risk indicators

  • Create custom reports

  • Add, modify, or delete another admin users

  • Add or modify geo fence for access assurance location

For more information, see Manage administrators for Citrix Analytics.

Manage administrator roles for Security Analytics