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Notifications provide information about issues or events that might be of interest to administrators, such as new Citrix Cloud features or problems with a machine in a resource location. Notifications can come from any service within Citrix Cloud.

The number of notifications appears near the top of the Citrix Cloud console page. For more details, click View All under Notifications in the console or select Notifications from the console menu.

Citrix Cloud console with Notifications menu selected

After you’ve read a notification and acted on it (if required), select the notification and click Dismiss. Dismissing notifications removes them from your list and Citrix Cloud updates the notifications count when you return to the console home page.

Notifications page with new notifications

Administrators receive their own notifications in Citrix Cloud. So, dismissing notifications doesn’t prevent other administators from viewing their notifications.

Citrix Cloud automatically deletes notifications older than 90 days, regardless of whether they’ve been read. This ensures the Notifications page remains uncluttered and allows administrators to focus on only the most important notifications.


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