Citrix Analytics for Security

Weekly email notification

Citrix Analytics sends weekly email notification summarizing the security risk exposures in your organization’s IT infrastructure. The weekly notification keeps you aware and informed about the risky events and its occurrences in the previous week. You can ascertain if any events require your attention or actions without signing in to Citrix Analytics. This information keeps you informed about what is happening in your IT security domain.

Enable email notification

By default, email notifications are disabled for your Citrix Cloud account. To receive weekly emails from Citrix Analytics, enable email notifications for your Cloud account. For more information on how to enable email notifications, see Receive emailed notifications.

When do you get an email from Citrix Analytics?

Every Tuesday, an email notification is sent to you from Citrix Cloud

The email notification provides the following information:

  • Top five risk indicators and its increased occurrences.

  • Number of actions taken on the risk indicators.

  • Top five risky users and its risk scores.

  • Number of onboarded data sources and the events received from the data sources.

Weekly email notification

What action you need to take after receiving the email?

After you have reviewed the highlights of the security events, click Investigate to go to Citrix Analytics and apply the required actions to the security events.

If Analytics is not enabled on some data sources, you get an email notification alert. The following message prompts you to turn on data processing for the data sources.

Enable email notifications

Click turn on data processing to go to the data sources page in Citrix Analytics and enable analytics to allow processing of data. For more information on enabling analytics, see Enable Analytics on data sources.

You also receive an email notification if Citrix Analytics finds no new risk indicators in the previous week.

No events email

This notification alerts you about two possible scenarios:

  • Insufficient data from your data sources.

  • Your data sources are not yet onboarded.

Therefore, Citrix Analytics is unable to process data and provide security insights for your IT infrastructure. Log on to Citrix Analytics and review the status of your data sources.

Weekly email notification