Citrix ShareFile

Delete employee users

This article explains the process to remove employee users from your ShareFile account.


  • Manage employee users permission must be enabled.


  1. Navigate to People > Browse Employees.

  2. Select the employee user that you want to remove by clicking the Manage icon in the same row as the employee users name.

  3. Under Actions, select Delete from system.

  4. When asked to Assign files owned by this employee to:, select yourself or click the X to search another employee user to own the reassigned items.

  5. Select Delete and Reassign.


    When a user is deleted, the content of their Personal Folders and any Shared Folders they owned must be reassigned.

The employee user is now deleted and their files contents are reassigned.


  • Deleting a user from the system is permanent. Their employee license becomes available immediately. An employee user that owned several items might take several moments for the reassignment operation to complete.

  • Once the folders are reassigned, the new owner can delete the folders from Shared Folders. Personal Folders are titled with the previous employee’s email address.

  • Inbox and Sent message items cannot be deleted.

  • File Box, Inbox, and Sent message items of the deleted user reassigned to the user selected.

Delete employee users